Crawford County, Ohio, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acker, George J.  12 Apr 1848Crawford County, Ohio, USA I247957
2 Balthaser, Augustine  24 Aug 1845Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248123
3 Blackburn, Keith John  12 May 1922Crawford County, Ohio, USA I319253
4 Geissman, Caroline M.  3 Nov 1883Crawford County, Ohio, USA I247953
5 Geissman, Charles Franklin  29 Mar 1864Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248125
6 Geissman, Clara F.  11 Jan 1877Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248130
7 Geissman, Daniel William  13 Jun 1902Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248163
8 Geissman, Emma R.  17 May 1870Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248128
9 Geissman, Ethel  17 Sep 1907Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248211
10 Geissman, Gustave A.  5 May 1868Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248127
11 Geissman, Ivan Henry  23 Jan 1895Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248159
12 Geissman, John Albert  1 Dec 1884Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248131
13 Geissman, John Frederick  19 Oct 1905Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248162
14 Geissman, Lena  25 Nov 1886Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248132
15 Geissman, Leo Sherman  5 Dec 1892Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248158
16 Geissman, Marcella  14 May 1903Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248210
17 Geissman, Milo Alvin  16 Dec 1898Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248161
18 Geissman, Milton B.  23 Jul 1906Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248151
19 Geissman, Reuben Charles  12 Jun 1896Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248160
20 Geissman, Robert G.  12 Mar 1909Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248150
21 Geissman, Sophia Matilda  11 Jul 1862Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248124
22 Geissman, William  1905Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248152
23 Geissman, William Henry  14 Jun 1860Crawford County, Ohio, USA I247950
24 Grossnickel, Caroline Rosanna  21 Dec 1849Crawford County, Ohio, USA I82566
25 Hetrick, Jacob A.  0Apr 1864Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248179
26 Hetrick, John A.  21 Feb 1877Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248184
27 Hetrick, William H.  5 Mar 1863Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248178
28 Hoffsis, Lulu Idella  23 May 1897Crawford County, Ohio, USA I292066
29 Kemmis, Horace Grady  16 Jan 1863Crawford County, Ohio, USA I292126
30 Leimenstoll, Sophia  4 Jul 1865Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248157
31 Leuthold, Melvin Eugene  4 Dec 1929Crawford County, Ohio, USA I292138
32 Leuthold, Robert Arnold  5 Nov 1933Crawford County, Ohio, USA I292140
33 Leuthold, William Otto  26 Nov 1936Crawford County, Ohio, USA I292141
34 Margraff, Carol Jean  4 Jul 1948Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248156
35 Shaffstall, Lovina  24 Dec 1832Crawford County, Ohio, USA I399758
36 Strohecker, Caroline  19 Aug 1836Crawford County, Ohio, USA I324488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Acker, Heinrich  5 Jan 1876Crawford County, Ohio, USA I247955
2 Acker, Johannes Michael  14 Aug 1850Crawford County, Ohio, USA I237187
3 Balthaser, Caroline  3 Aug 1900Crawford County, Ohio, USA I247947
4 Balthaser, Johannes Christian  8 Jun 1890Crawford County, Ohio, USA I71329
5 Christmann, Anna Maria  19 Mar 1848Crawford County, Ohio, USA I71330
6 Gebhart, Katherina  Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248037
7 Geissman, Caroline M.  0Apr 1941Crawford County, Ohio, USA I247953
8 Geissman, Ivan Henry  7 Sep 1895Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248159
9 Geissman, Lena  7 Dec 1886Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248132
10 Geissman, Milo Alvin  18 Jan 1933Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248161
11 Geissman, Sophia Matilda  22 Jun 1874Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248124
12 Geissman, Wilhelm Simon Geissmann  22 Feb 1920Crawford County, Ohio, USA I247949
13 Hetrick, John  29 Aug 1922Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248177
14 Leimenstoll, Mary Anna  2 Jun 1904Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248134
15 Leuthold, Melvin Eugene  27 Nov 1943Crawford County, Ohio, USA I292138
16 Leuthold, Robert Arnold  24 Nov 1933Crawford County, Ohio, USA I292140
17 Margraff, Carol Jean  19 Dec 1952Crawford County, Ohio, USA I248156


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Acker / Leib  23 Sep 1852Crawford County, Ohio, USA F87498
2 Balthaser / Acker  29 Oct 1839Crawford County, Ohio, USA F32594
3 Geissman / Balthaser  16 Nov 1859Crawford County, Ohio, USA F87491
4 Geissman / Shealey  31 Dec 1925Crawford County, Ohio, USA F87563
5 Hetrick / Monroe  Crawford County, Ohio, USA F100211
6 Studer / Hertzer  17 Feb 1914Crawford County, Ohio, USA F146501