The Birkenhördt Project

Connecting the people of the Southern Palatinate with the rest of the world

Family of Georg und Magdalena Engel Müllecker

Left to right: George Schrumpf, Elsie Muellecker Schrumpf, Richard Muellecker, Georg Müllecker, Eric Muellecker, Magdalena Engel Müllecker, Elsie Engel, Herman Engel Jr., Hermann Engel, Andreas Güll


We are a non-commerical project committed to documenting all genealogical relationships in the Southern Palatinate (Districts of the Südwestpfalz and the Südliche Weinstraße) and the French district of Bas-Rhin. We also document the emigrants from this area and their descendants in the country of immigration.

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Family of Andreas Güll

Left to right: Anna Rosena Gill, Helen Gill, Andreas Güll, Anna Fischer Güll, Andrew Gill